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Tony De Falco with the DeLorean DMC-12

Tony De Falco with the DeLorean DMC-12

By day, I am the pivot man at a Rochester New York Cadillac dealership. At night, I’m Batman. I take all the photo’s of the used cars for our various websites, I back up the finance manager and assist the sales manager and the owner and all the sales people with everything or anything they need done. They say jump, I say how high. Best job I ever had and the benefits are great. 401K, profit sharing, health insurance, and a flexible spending card.  I drive a new Cadillac and there’s food all over the place, all the time, so I eat like a king. Not bad for a guy from Brooklyn that grew up without two nickles to rub together. Hopefully, I go out of the place feet first. But anyhoo, I have had an obsession with DeLoreans from the day the car came down the line. About as close as I ever got to owning one was back in the 80’s, a few years after the company went out of business and a dealer had 2 of them left on the lot, still new with no miles. My boss at the time and I walked by them every day on our lunch hour stroll. After a few weeks of this, the allure was too much and I had to have one. After negotiating with the dealer and going round and round with my boss, who by the way was convinced I was crazy, I got talked out of buying the car. Now needless to say, my boss was right. This was pre-internet, so no easy over nighted parts. This wasn’t going to be a second car. This was going to be my daily driver. So in retrospect, my boss was right and I would have been screwed. Still don’t make it right. I have spent almost 30 years wondering, what if? Later on, I did wind up buying an 1988 Eagle Premier, same designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, just not the same car. I hung on to that thing for over 10 years with the wheels falling off it. But I digress, thank god the Delorean Motor Company is back in business and turning out cars again. You can reach them at www.delorean.com or by clicking the link on the sidebar. I’ve got no ching, but I can tell you this, I win the lottery and it’s the first thing I buy. Second thing – flux capacitor! This is a labor of love. Enjoy.

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