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Sarto DeLorean BicycleDeLorean Bicycle made by Sarto italyDeLorean bicycle made by Sarto Italy




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Here’s a nice note from Marc Moore of DeLorean Bicycle USA:

Hello Tony,

See the attach info also

We have two models ready for order now with a third under development.

Our website shows the two ready the Anyday a cool belt drive 11 speed that is great for general riding around as it has hydraulic disc brakes and a stainless steel frame.

The other model the Speed is a road bike build for nice long distance riding or club rides and races, it can be built up with several component kits also an Italian designed and built stainless steel frameset, both have a carbon fiber fork.

The Anyday is $5495 and the Speed starts at $5995.

The Speed starts with Shimano Ultegra components and Fulcrum wheels build kit. Other build kits available, check our facebook page we have the builds listed there until the website is updated.
Shipping in the USA (lower 48) is no extra cost.

They are being built currently and so far have sold before arrival due to demand.
We have 6 sizes of each model. XXS-XL

We are in development of a cruiser and a single speed Anyday both will be less than the others but not by too much as we sell the frame and fork alone for $3999.
These are designed in Italy, same as the Delorean automobile, and are built there also. They are made of the only Seamless drawn stainless steel bicycle tubing in the world and ride amazing.

You can place an order anytime you are ready and get into the manufacturing order.
We are getting most frames within 4-8 weeks of order.
We have lots on order but they are selling faster than they’ve been able to produce them. Lots of artisan work on these they are a real thing of beauty!
So i would say to place your order today. We can size you and get your order started, right over the phone, or by email.

The Cruise will be a one size fits all type of easy pedal path cruiser, we are going to keep the crisp angles that the Delorean car is known for with similar cool features to the other two models.
We have people buy some of each model already!

These will all come with a Delorean Motor Company MSO (manufacturers statement of origin along with special serial #s for Delorean car owners that match their VIN)

You can place orders currently by phone or email we will have online ordering in about 30 days or so.

This project took three years of development and we wanted to make sure both the real cyclist and the Delorean enthusiast would be proud to own this bike, by the response we are getting I think we are successful on both of those!

Love to get you riding one, let us know if we can assist you further. You came so close to buying a Delorean years ago, maybe now you can at a fraction of the cost!

I was asked the other day if they time traveled when they hit 88mph, i said better than that when you ride these bikes at any speed you feel like a kid again and thats the kind of time travel we all like!

Marc Moore
Delorean Bicycle